Friday 18 May 2007

Topology tag

Introduced topology tag, like:

<topology level="domain"/>

<topology/> is informative only. It indicates at a user level how the mapping is configured for the location, be it one room per domain name, or one room per news article, etc.

Complete list of level-values:

  • "multidomain": a room covers multiple domains or web sites
  • "domain": a room for the top level internet domain
  • "host": a room per host name
  • "site": a room for the entire web site
  • "category": a room per category of the web site
  • "channel": a room per channel (e.g. a radio station's site)
  • "thread": a room per thread (e.g. in a forum)
  • "article": a room per article (e.g. a newspaper)
  • "query": rooms are assigned depending on the URL-query
  • "unique": each URL maps to a different room
  • "language": a room per visitor language
  • "selection": the room selection is on the web site
  • "none": no room defined


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