Friday 20 June 2008

Even more Structure

Two new toplevel folders have been added. There are now 3 hierarchical structures and the 2 toplevel files.

Toplevel files:
  • root.xml: starting point for all mappings
  • default.xml: a general fallback
  • ip4: IP 4 adresses
  • tld: toplevel domains
  • name: global names which span multiple domains
The mapping starts at root.xml, then branches out to IP4 adresses or continues in the "name" hierarchy. If there is no name, then mapping is forwarded to the "tld" hierarchy. If no location matches then the general fallback (default.xml) applies. Each hierarchical structure has its own starting and fallback points.

Here is a sample mapping process for

It starts at:
...then uses these files in the global phase:
  1. root.xml
  2. name/_.xml
  3. name/default.xml
  4. tld/org/_.xml
  5. tld/org/s/_.xml
  6. tld/org/s/l/_.xml
  7. tld/org/s/l/slashdot.xml
...until a matching location tag is found.

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